Saturday, November 5, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5 - My Guilty Pleasure

Hello again my readers. 
Time again for an entry into the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  This  time focusing in on my "Guilty Pleasure". 
    Now, I have many guilty pleasures.  It'd be hard to chose just one.  I was thinking about what I like in terms of Pleasures and I suppose they can be summed up together as "I like to work with my hands and create". 
1. I found I love to cook first off.  I'm constantly looking for new recipes.  I especially love baking and making cookies.
2. I love to draw!  I'm constantly on DiviantArt and posting my drawings.  I also take my drawing ability and have started several 'fan' comics.
3.  I love writing (if it weren't obvious through my blogs).  I write fanfics under CommanderKhashoggi at
I participate yearly in NoNaWrMo every November as well.  Anything I've written for that is under my blog 525,600 Journeys to Plan.
4. Last but not least, I LOVE to sew!  I've started a side career on Etsy under the shop name Geekdom Bait.  Feel free to stop buy and have a look.  If it isn't there, ask me and I shall quote you a price.

    And now you see why my Guilty Pleasure is "working with my hands to create".  See you tomorrow dear readers.

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