Thursday, November 3, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3- Meaning of My Blog Names

And I'm back!
I hope I haven't lost any of my readers yet ;)  As you all know by now, I've got FIVE (5) blogs.  Each blog I write in have VERY specific themes.  I'm assuming my followers wish to know what they are and just what they contain as well as how I got the names.
Here they are:
My World, My Rules (this one) - was my first blog.  It basically holds everything that doesn't fit in any of the other four  blogs.  I have many weekly linkies connected to this one.  As the title states, this one I'll blab about anything and everything. My World, My rules.
525,600 Journeys to Plan - This is my writing blog.  The name is from a lyric from RENT.  I use this blog for my creative writing and to place future prompts.  I'm a NoNoMoWri writer as well and I place my stories there as I write them.
Beowolf on the Beach: Reading the Classics- This blog is strictly a blog for my many book reviews.  Yes, I love to read and sharing my opinions on the books I  read.  The title is inspired from a book I read with the same name.  It inspired me to read the classics again and look at them differently. 
Insane Ramblings of a Red Caboose - This blog, like Beowolf, is for reviews.  However, unlike Beowolf, this blog is for reviews of theater performances I'd personally seen.  The name is after a character of one of my favorite musicals Starlight Express.  Red Caboose (or CB) is a fright caboose  that is slightly 'touched' in the head.
And last but not least First-Time Mommy -  This blog is sadly the one I update the least.  My subscribers, you may follow this on or you don't have too.  It was created to follow the life of my first child...

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