Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2013 Resolutions!

Alright one and all!

With New year FAST approaching, tis time for us ALL to be thinking about the dreaded R-word.........

Yes yes yes, I know. Cliched. And honestly, the success/fail ratio is pretty high in favor of Failing for most. But that is simply human nature.
However, given the success of MANY of those wishing to loose wait around me, I have come to a conclusion that 2013 WILL be the year I shed a few pounds too!

#1) Watch what I eat/exercise more and eventually shed a few pounds!

So, I follow various blogs and well, I came across "Fitness Friday" on Anderson's Angels And decided, why not? I'll give it a whirl!
This is the outline of the form given too those who wish to join in on the endeavor. Since this is my first "Friday" my readers will most likely not see too much change yet.

Current Weight:
Activity Performed during the week, accomplishments or failures:
Diet Changes, accomplishments or failures:
Goals for the following week:

#2)Start Up side business to earn extra money (Handmade Jewelry/Plushies/Sewn items for Baby Barbie-18" doll clothes/Hair accessories)

#3)Make good with Pintrest posts about recipes and remodeling the house (etc). TAKE those ideas pinned and USE them!

#4) Read those books in my TBR pile!! Then reward self and get the books on my Want-To-Read (WTR) list with each TBR book read!

#5) Finish an original story and GET PUBLISHED!!!!

All I can say is....wish me luck!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"I Know It's Today" - Today Show

I LOVE this song and I LOVE Sutton!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can I Haz Pet Rumpelstiltskinz Pweeze?

I am in LOVE with Robert Carlyle's Rumple/Mr Gold.
Especieally Rumple! I mean LOOK at him!!!