Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Miss Classic Nicklodeon..

Well, I suppose I miss the 90s in general.
    The 90s first off had WONDERFUL cartoons!  None of this "Adventure Time", "We Bare Bears", "Craig of the Creek", "Gumball", or "Steven Universe" (and yes I know these are Cartoon Network shows but they are STUPID!)  I know other networks have stupid shows too.  I think the stupidity started with Nickelodeon's "Sponge Bob"...  Yes, that was MY generation....
    But the 90s also had: "Clarissa Explains It All", SNICK,"Rugrats", "All That", "Are You Afraid of The Dark",  "Hey Dude", "Salute Your Shorts", "Welcome Freshmen" and "You Can't Do That on Television" (and yes, that was when Nickelodeon was great!)
   Now, I AM glad to see that Nickelodeon is coming back with their classic game show Double Dare.  They are even showing some of the classic "dare" games which makes my heart soar.   Now Nickelodeon PLEASE bring back your other classic game show Legends of the Hidden Temple.  PLEASE????
 I shall have to review the first episode of the reboot here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Subscription Box Review: Vellabox - June 2018

First off, the disclaimer:
I received this box courtesy of in exchange for my honest review.

    Hello to my loyal readers and faithful followers.  I am attempting to try something new.  The big trend on You Tube right now seems to be unboxing videos.  Most are Ipsy and other makeup subscriptions.  However, because of this trend companies like Barkbox and others have become known commercially too.  
    My 1st review however, is for none of those subscriptions but rather for Vellabox.  
Vellabox is an all-natural, artisan subscription candle box company based out of San Diego, CA.  All of their candles are high quality, non-toxic, lead free, and hand poured by artisan candle makers.  They offer three different monthly  subscription boxes great for oneself or for gifting.  As a gift, you may chose a three, six, or 12 month options.  The different boxes are as follows:
  • Lucerna ($10/month) - one 4oz candle and a special gift that total 25 hrs of burn time
  • Ignis ($20/month) - one 8oz candle and a special gift that totals 50 hrs of burn time
  • Vivere ($30/month) - one 4oz and one 8oz candle plus a special gift that totals 75 hours of burn time
Each month has it's own theme, matching the packaging style to the candle scents and time of year.  Vellabox partners with a different lifestyle brand each month as well for the special surprise gift.  Lastly, Vellabox offer options to buy candles from favorite brands without subscribing!
               Instagram: @vellabox  

  Upon opening the  box, I soon discovered I was given the Ignis box to sample and review.  The 8oz candle was packaged in a beautiful mint green gift bag.  It had an adorable printing of cacti and succulents.  The candle created by Vacant Wheel was a wonderfully smelling.
 It's a soy candle and the sent for June was Cactus Flowers: Flowering Desert Succulents.  I have not gotten around to light it to test the throw yet, however I shall inform my readers of that when it does happen.
   As for the bonus item?   
The lip balm with SPF 15 was made by Aloe Up, a company in Eden Prairie, MN.  The one downside to this lip balm was that I wish it had a scent to it as well.  Will I use it?  Yes.  But it wont be my first go-to.  That's reserved for my Burt's Bees.
Use code "VELLABOX18" upon check out to get 20% off purchase. 

The lip balm was made by the company Aloe Up 
Use code "VELLA" upon check out to get 15% off purchase  

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Free Monthly Box Review: PINCHme May 2018

     Well Loyal readers, I've once again received my PINCHme box... 
I received a free product from PINCHme.  The reviews are my own.

   And honestly?  I'm not impressed.  I was expecting a lot more than what I had received.  That being said, on to the products.  Now, before I go on however, I want to state I suppose  foils are to be expected and you DO get what you pay for...
THAT being said I received:
  •  A small foil sample of new Heinz Real Mayonnaise  - And I have my hesitation about that.  After's summer and who knows how long it was in a warm truck before my house.... YUCK!  Oh yeah, I DID get a coupon for a "free" full sized (up to $4.50). But unless my husband wants to buy it, that's going to waste as well.
  • Foil samples of Garnier Whole Blends "Oat Delicacy" Shampoo and Conditioner.    I've gotten these before and have loved them.  However, unless you're planning on sending me either 1) a coupon for a FREE full-size of both or 2)  something at LEAST considered travel size, do NOT send me the same product again!!
  • Two, count them,only TWO Nexcare bandages! And not only that but oh WOW! (*note* Sarcastic tone) a coupon allowing me to save 50 CENTS on any Nexcare product!
 Besides those so called samples, I also received an "invite" to get a "Free" 4-pack sampler from Graze.  Free...Right...  Read the fine print and you'll realize NOTHING is free from them!  They require you to put in a valid debit or credit card number for future boxes.  Hence you're signing up for the subscription to get the "free" box.  No thank you!  That's going to waste too!.
Oh yeah!  Speaking of coupons going to waste, yet again I get a blue envelope from them.  A coupon was in it to receive 1 free Teatopia Infused Tea of my choice.  I would have gladly used it, had it not been the fact that I CAN'T use it because my Walmart doesn't sell it! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Job Searching....Again....

Yes, you've read right...
Once again the 18 Month Curse hit me....
Let me explain:
Ever since leaving collage, I have been unable to hold a job.

I don't understand it. It's like I am able to hold the job for a year and a half.  And then, all at once...they decide they DON'T want me so the ones in charge do EVERYthing they can to find ways to fire me and make it look like I was at fault.
Ah well, back to the search right?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 31 Prompts: Day 3 - What am I Grateful For?

Hello my loyal readers.
Back again for December 31 Prompts.  Day 3 asks: What am I grateful for?
Well readers, I'm grateful for many thing.
My major thing is that I'm grateful for my son.   Yes, he is 3-years-old.  Yes he is demanding of attention.  Yes he can wear on my patience and my nerves.  However, he is my miracle child and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December 31 Prompts: Day 2 - Worst Part of Day & Reaction

And I'm back loyal readers!  Told you I'd be!
Today's prompt asks me about my worst part of the day.  Now, I'd like to think that I really don't have a 'worst part' of the day and normally I don't.  However, there are days.
For example, if my son never got a nap that day then my day goes bad.  Especially if it's a Wednesday.  I'm totally behind in what I need to do because I didn't have the time to myself.  And if that is the case, I get irritable. 
I try to calm myself down by taking deep breaths and reminding myself that Eli doesn't me to irritate me.  After all, he is only 3.  Sometimes it works. 
Other times......

Friday, December 1, 2017

December 31 Prompts: Day 1 - Favorite Part of Day

Hello my readers!
In November of last year I did the 30 Day Blog challenge.  I decided that I liked doing that so much (and that my blog needs more content) that I decided to do these challenges monthly.  If you have any questions for me as well, I will gladly answer them.
December 1st asks about my favorite part of the day. 
Honestly, I can say my favorite part of the day is the 30-40 minutes between the time that my son Eli is picked up by his Grandma and before I head off to work.  On Wednesdays it's different.  The hour/hour-half that Eli sleeps is another one of my favorite times of day. 
I know I know, it sounds selfish but it allows me to focus on me.  To get things done without the interruption or the noise from Eli.